Why isn’t Asset.Guru calculating my depreciation?

Depreciation occurs automatically once everything is set up.

Follow these steps:

  1. Link to your accounting package and set the date you want to start depreciating from. Remember to use a demo accounting login as it will post journals to the accounting package you link with. We support Xero, QuickBooks Online or standalone (by clicking the appropriate button).
  2. Set up your Asset Classes/Types for the assets you want to depreciate. Asset Classes are a way to group items together. E.g. All carpet, All Vehicles etc. You can have as many or as little as 1 asset class (also called Asset Types) as you need. You can also individually set asset by asset rates by going individually into each asset and changing that rate.
  3. Set the day you want to depreciate every month - for example the 1st of the month - or the default is the last day of the month. You can choose from the drop down list. Once you've completed the above steps you will receive a prompt to accept these settings. During a trial this over-rides all the date to depreciate settings and depreciates everything that second.

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