How to create an asset using the Asset.Guru Mobile iOS app

Asset.Guru has created a handy business app for the iPhone called the Asset.Guru mobile app

Rather than a finance focused tool - the object of the iPhone app for iOS devices is to enable operations and business focused staff to quickly upload the key information about an asset - or to search by barcode or photo to see if its already in Asset.Guru .... Yes Finance users can still use this too, its just simplified to speed things up.

Please note, before you start:

1. in the current release, assets added via the iOS app will directly appear in the Activated assets view. Its in our roadmap to change this in future releases so that all assets that are new go into Asset.Guru as a draft asset - but for now ... look for them in the main Asset Register view

2. There is no Android app - Asset.Guru is built to be able to support the Android browser without installing anything. The main difference in using an Android browser is that you can't scan an asset barcode or serial number

Getting Started:

1. On your iPhone (iPhone version 7 and later are supported) download the Asset Guru app from the Apple App store. There is no charge for the download for trial or paying users

2. After logging in to the Asset.Guru app using your credentials (the same user id and password from when you signed up) 

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