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How to delete an asset

There are four different ways that users are able to delete an asset, depending on how the asset is being entered and/or the the stage the asset is at (i.e. draft, active, depreciated).

1. Deleting when importing (Bulk Asset Upload) template:

As you transfer information from various sources, this is the best way to catch any errors, find issues and upload as much information as possible. Items can be deleted from the CSV or XLSX file within Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets etc 

2. Deleting during the Bulk Asset Upload import stage:

After uploading all the imported data will be displayed on the screen - this is an important time to double check what is going on and whether your data is correct

3. Deleting via the Draft Asset Stage:

In late 2016 we launched a fantastic new feature which we called "Draft Assets". In this view (and stage of import) just about anything can be deleted, changed and revised, this is the final stage before activation and depreciation. 

4. Deleting Activated (but un-depreciated assets) when in the Asset Register View:

Once you have imported your assets, checked the detail and are ready to approve them you are asked to activate them! This puts them into the Asset Register View. Activated assets sit waiting for the depreciation schedule date to arrive and the first journal occurs. Still found an error and need to change something? No problems! Until journals are posted, you can still delete an un depreciated asset at any time.

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