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How do I connect my accounting application to Asset.Guru

Asset.Guru currently integrates directly into QuickBooks Online and Xero, we also offer support to customers who use QuickBooks Desktop, NetSuite, Intacct, Reckon Desktop and other packages via using our spreadsheet output option


How do I connect to QuickBooks Online or Xero so my depreciation posts automatically?


1. Click the Administration menu in the sidebar

2. On the Setup tab, click Choose your accounting application, the screen below will appear:

3. Click Get Started for either:

  • QuickBooks (for QuickBooks Online users),
  • Xero for Xero users, or
  • any other accounting package please select the Excel (spreadsheet) logo

4. For QuickBooks Online and Xero users, follow the onscreen prompts to authorise the connection by clicking Connect to QuickBooks Online or Xero. Enter your Xero credentials when you are prompted to log in to your QuickBooks Online/Xero account

5. Define your journal posting start date and click Next. (Asset.Guru posts journals to your accounting system for depreciation, disposals and the sale of assets)

6. Click Finish and you are done

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