How to delete an active asset

If an asset has not created journals, you may delete it from the register or from the Focus View.  

If an asset has created journals, deleting could have a financial implication.  Please contact for options.  

To delete the asset from the Asset Register:

  1. Tick the check box on the left-hand side of the asset. Once you check this box, you will notice that the Delete Selected Assets button will activate and show red.

  2. Click the Delete Selected Assets button
  3. Click Confirm in the pop up message to verify that you want to delete the selected asset(s).

To delete the asset from the Focus View:

  1. Click into the asset you want to delete from the asset register
  2. Click the Delete icon identified in the image below

  1. Click Delete in the pop-up message to verify for the asset to be deleted.

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