How do I search for and export data?

How do you download or export your data from Asset.Guru?  

When in one of the Asset Register views use the Magnify Icon to expand the search field to search across common fields and attributes of the register.  

Common searches are:

  • Asset Name
  • Address (Location)
  • Description
  • Asset Type
  • Check-out (Starter Edition and above)
  • Division (Enterprise Edition feature)

Additional searches could be:

  • AssetID
  • Brief Description
  • Vendor
  • Vendor Part Number
  • Barcode
  • iBeacon
  • Serial Number

Then to export the results, simply click the download button to export to Excel.  

TIP: to download/export the entire active Asset Register, leave the search field empty and click the download button to export to Excel.


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