How to connect your account to Xero

Get setup with Asset.Guru and connect to Xero in 3 easy steps!

1. Connect your Asset.Guru and Xero accounts

✓ Navigate to the Admin page by clicking the cogwheel icon

✓ Select the Connect to Xero icon in the Connect your accounting application section

✓ Enter your Xero credentials when prompted

✓ Select Authorise


2. Set up your asset types 

When a Xero account is connected to Asset.Guru, the system automatically creates asset types based on the fixed asset accounts in Xero. This means all you have to do is set a default depreciation schedule and map each asset type as follows. 

✓ Select Edit on an asset type

✓ Set a default depreciation schedule for the asset type (recommended)

✓ Select the appropriate general ledger account for the asset, depreciation and accumulated depreciation account from the drop down menus provided

✓ Click Confirm


3. Set up your accounting rules

Review and confirm your accounting rules to allow Asset.Guru to automate your processes and make your life simpler. Make sure you: 

✓ Review all the settings in this section. Click here for information on each setting listed

✓ Click Accept these settings to finalise your account set up

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