Why is my asset being fully depreciated earlier than expected?

Asset.Guru was built with small to medium sized business in mind, who generally have less complex assets than global companies. Therefore the date of purchase and the capitalisation date of an asset (i.e. the date the asset was put in use) are usually "one and the same".

In order to start depreciating assets after the purchase date, for example if the item is installed days, weeks or even months later - simply enter the capitalisation date in the purchase date field.

What does the Depreciation start date mean then?

The depreciation start date is the first date that Asset.Guru will start journalling depreciation. The depreciation calculation is still correctly calculated from the Purchase or Capitalisation date (whichever date is entered into the Purchase Date field).

Will Asset.Guru support the capture of both a separate capitalisation date and purchase date in the future?

Yes, as a result of recent customer feedback, a "Capitalisation Date" field will be added to Starter, Growth and Enterprise Editions and is on our development roadmap. 

What should I do while I wait?

There is no need to wait. To create an asset that will begin depreciating from a date later than purchase date, simply enter the capitalisation date into the purchase date field. 

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