How do I remove (hide) journal entries from my Xero Cash Basis Reports?

Asset.Guru posts depreciation automatically into Xero on the last day of the month every month. The beauty of Xero is that you can run your books on either a cash or accrual basis.

To remove Asset.Guru journals from cash reports simply untick or deselect this option within the actual journals that Asset.Guru makes each month. Cash reporting is turned on by Xero by default for all journals either made by accountants and bookkeepers - or any app partner like Asset.Guru

To change the way that any manual journal is shown in Xero
Step 1. Log into Xero
Step 2. Navigate to Settings --> Chart of accounts  (top navigation bar)
Step 3. Select the dollar figure (eg Year to Date) for the required account
Step 4: You should see something like the following page (depending on which account was chosen)...

Step 5: Click on the Asset.Guru journal line (there will be one Xero journal entry for each Asset Type created in Asset.Guru)
Step 6: You should now be in the View Manual Journal entry screen like the one below. 

Step 7: Now from the top right down in Xero choose: Journal Options --> Edit​
Step 8: From the following screen untick the Show Journal on Cash Basis reports

Step 9: Repeat for any other Asset.Guru journals for each month

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