How to post a failed depreciation journal

  1. Log in to Asset.Guru
  2. Navigate to the Reports page using the navigation panel on the left hand side of the page
  3. Click Journal Report
  4. Select the report Start Date
  5. Select the report End Date
  6. Click Run Report
  7. If there are any failed or queued journals, this will be indicated under the Status heading of the report. If you are an Account Owner you will see a red Retry posting failed journals button appear next to the Run Report button (pictured below). To retry posting these journals, click the red button.
  • Reasons for an error to occur could be:
    • Your accounting package needs to be relinked
    • The journal is attempting to post to a locked accounting period
    • The Asset Type is mapped to an account that has changed (renamed/numbered).  Review the Asset Types to confirm it is mapped to the correct accounts.  
  • If your journals remain queued or return an error in the status column, please contact support for further assistance.

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