Can I make someone else an Account Owner of Asset.Guru?

Upgrading and downgrading user role types, and changes to user roles can be done at any time by the "Account Owner" user role type. 

Only Account Owners can make someone else an account owner. 

In order to make someone else an account owner:

1. Log into and navigate to the users tab.

2. Upgrade any other active user to the Account Owner role type.

3. Downgrade your own role type to Administrator or Reader

Please be careful making these changes, once the change is made you cannot reverse it. i.e.: Once you make someone else the Account Owner role type and you downgrade yourself, the transfer is complete and only the new Account Owner can relinquish the role.  They effectively 'own' the subscription

Background: The "Account Owner" role is the most powerful level of user in

They can invite anyone to collaborate with (up to the maximum number of users based on subscription level), see the billing details, pay for a subscription, cancel the subscription, and use all and any functionality

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