Can I delete an asset once it has depreciated? (Revert to Draft)

What can be deleted: 

  • Draft Assets can always be deleted
  • Any activated asset that has been activated in the current month can be deleted, even after activation. For example, if you have created/uploaded assets this month. Then this months assets can be deleted. Once the first depreciation run occurs at the end of month the record is locked and it cannot be deleted by the user. Support can help beyond that point.

What if Depreciation has already been posted?  Can I still delete the asset, or make an adjustment to the purchase price or purchase date?

YES our support team can help,  you'll need to write to us at (please include the Asset.Guru ID)

If you send Support the Asset.Guru ID our team can revert the selected asset to draft status. 

This "revert to draft" does two things:

  • The original asset is archived and kept for reference and will no longer appear in any depreciation reports
  • A copy of the original asset is put into a draft state where the newly created draft asset can be edited or deleted as required.

NB: Revert to Draft does not reverse any posted depreciation that was journaled. However you will find that amount Audit history of the original Fixed Asset so that you can post a manual balancing journal.

NB: You can always delete an asset before the end of the same month (ie before deletion has occurred), you do not need to write to support to delete any activated assets that have not depreciated. 

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