How do I transfer Assets using Asset.Guru to Asset.Guru Transfer (AG2AG™) ?

AG2AG™ is a world first, enabling small and medium business an intelligent platform to move asset information between related entities. Most businesses use error prone spreadsheets, but AG2AG™ saves companies the retyping and rekeying of information resulting in an audit ready method of helping organisations grow and evolve.

Before you start:

In order to transfer an asset to a related entity it is recommended that you are an Asset.Guru user for both entities - to purchase an additional licence please contact

Please note that document attachments are not supported to be transferred in an asset transfer at this time so please save any attachments BEFORE taking any action

And most importantly the current Beta release of AG2AG is a transfer - not a sale or disposal so please take this into consideration in the short term before proceeding. Your accountant or bookkeeper will know what to do to create the correct journal entries here. 

Ready to Transfer?

Transferring an Asset (or a group of assets) is easy. Here are the detailed steps though just in case you havent done this before

  1. After logging in, navigate to the Asset Register view and select the assets or assets by checking the checkbox
  2. Now click the bidirectional arrow (AG2AG™) that will appear once an assets (or all your assets) are selected in step 1 above
  3. You'll see a green confirmation box that will let you know step 2 is completed and your assets are waiting in the AG2AG™ view (we'll get to that in a second)
  4. Before navigating away - confirm that you can see your transferred/selected assets in the asset register view as greyed out and the alert column shows  a small exclamation mark saying "reserved for transfer" when you hover over it

    With the transfer reserved you are ready to proceed 

  5. Navigate to the AG2AG™ view on the left hand menu
  6. You will see your assets in the "ready to transfer" section at the top. At this time you can remove any assets if you change your mind by selecting the checkbox and clicking remove... or if you are ready to go select them all at the top with a single click in the checkbox ...or individually ...then click send

    Almost there! The next screen asks you where you would like to send the transferred asset

  7. The two main steps here are to select the correct organisation you would like to transfer the assets to, and  then enter your email address to confirm you want to send them (ask us about sending assets to Asset.Guru organisations that you are not a member of so that we can step you through this via support@asset.Guru)
  8. Once you are happy with the transfer (please double check you are transferring assets to the correct entity) then you are all set - there's a checkbox to confirm the transfer (bottom left of page) and then
  9. Click the Green "Transfer Assets" button
  10. One final chance to change something! After reading the pop up message, if you have changed your mind click the red "No" button and you will exit the page, otherwise, click "yes I want to transfer" - the other user will then receive an email asking them to accept the asset which finalises the transfer

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