How do I create an asset in that has a zero dollar current written down value?

At Asset.Guru, we understand that an asset can still have an operational value even when it has been fully depreciated. For this reason, users can create and activate assets that have a zero current written down value by following the steps below.

  1. Click Asset Register from the sidebar


  2. Click the Create New Asset button located on the right hand side of the screen


  3. Fill in all the details of the asset. NB. All mandatory fields are highlighted yellow.

  4. Enter "0" in the current written down value field (as pictured below)

  5. Enter the effective date of the zero dollar value using the format shown below (i.e. dd mm yyyy). If you do not know the effective date that applies to the zero dollar value, simply enter a dummy date such as the date that you started using Asset.Guru.


  6. Click "Save as draft" or "Save draft and create next asset".

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