I cannot login with Google Chrome Browser

For Chrome browser users, some users may experience the inability to login, even with your cookies turned on. To resolve this you may need to add Asset.Guru as a Google Chrome trusted domain

To add Asset.Guru as a trusted domain to Google Chrome Browser:
1. Open your Chrome Browser 
2. Select Chrome from the menu item at the top of your screen
3. select Preferences
4. in the Search Settings bar at the top of the Preferences screen, type in "Cookies"
5. The results should show: "Content Settings" on the screen
6. Select Content Settings then Cookies
7. Click on Add on the Allow setting
8. The Add a site menu option will open (like the screen shot below) 

9. Type this exactly:     [*.]asset.guru     ​(including the brackets and the "*." )
10. Click Add to save this new setting. Now you should now see on the screen what you just added in step 9  under "Allow"​​ (please see screen shot below)


Good to go! You should now be able to log in normally via our login page: https://success.asset.guru

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