How to enter Track Only assets

There are two ways to enter your assets into Asset.Guru when you are getting started.

  1. Single asset entry if you have a low number of assets
  2. Bulk asset entry if you have a large number of assets

Single Asset Entry

  1. Navigate to the Asset Register using the navigation menu
  2. Click Create New Asset
  3. Fill in the details of the asset as shown in the example below
Asset Name e.g. Laptop
Asset Type e.g. Computer Equipment
Purchase Price $7,000 or $0 *
Purchase Date e.g. 1 Oct 2018
Country 2 letter country code (AU, NZ, US, etc.)

* Point for consideration:
If you are using Asset.Guru to both track and depreciate assets, it is recommended to read the following article to have clarity with your depreciation reports and follow Asset.Guru best practice.

How to enter Track Only (Expensed) Assets

Bulk Asset Entry

  1. Navigate to the Asset Register using the navigation menu
  2. Click Bulk Asset Upload
  3. Download an upload template
  4. Fill in the details of the assets you want to upload and save your document

    Hint: The required fields are Asset Name, Asset Type, Purchase PricePurchase Date and Country (e.g. AU for Australia, US for United States of America)
  5. Click Ready to upload
  6. Drag & drop your document or click to browse your folders to select your document
  7. Click Review Upload
  8. Review the upload and make changes (if any)
  9. Click Finish Import

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