How to export Fixed Assets from Xero into Asset.Guru

Exporting an Asset Register from Xero to Asset.Guru

To migrating your existing Fixed Asset data assets from Xero into Asset.Guru:

Stage 1: Steps in Xero

1. Log into your Xero account 

2. With Xero choose Accounting from the top menu then Reports 

3. On the Reports page you will see the Fixed Assets reports on that page at the bottom left

4. There are two "Depreciation Schedule" reports to choose from. Navigate to the first report

5. Once the report is displayed the details required can be exported to Excel 

6. The Excel spreadsheet data can be used to import into Asset.Guru - however one additional thing you will need is the Current Value: Current Written Down Value (CWDV)/Net Book Value (NBV).

7. The Current Written Down Value (CWDV)/Net Book Value (NBV) can be calculated from the Xero data: Purchase less Depreciation is equal to CWDV/NBV.

After you have downloaded the desired report from Xero, log back into Asset.Guru 

Stage 2: Steps in Asset.Guru ....Bulk Asset Entry

1.    Navigate to the Asset Register using the left hand navigation menu

2.    Click Bulk Asset Upload

3.    Download the CSV template

4.    Copy the details from the of the Xero Depreciation Schedule report into the template remembering to calculate and include Current Written Down Value then save your document

Tip - The mandatory fields for a depreciating asset are Asset Name, Asset Type, Country, Purchase Price, Purchase Date, Current Written Down Value and Current Written Down Value Date.

5.    Click Ready to upload

6.    Drag & drop your CSV file, or click to browse to select your CSV file

7.    Click Review Upload

8.    Review the upload and make any changes (if needed)

9.    Click Finish Import

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