What types of assets can I enter into Asset.Guru?

You can enter enter depreciating assets, non-depreciating assets and track only assets into Asset.Guru.

Depreciating assets

Depreciating assets are assets that have a limited useful life and are expected to decline in value over time as it is used.

Non-depreciating assets

Non-depreciating assets are capital assets that are inexhaustible. This means that the useful life does not diminish or expire over time.

Track only assets

Track only assets are non-capital assets (i.e. assets that are recognised as an expense and not as an asset in your accounting system) that have an operational value to a business. 

These assets are recorded in Asset.Guru to track information such as location, assignment (i.e. who has the asset), condition etc. but have no financial impact on a business's financial reports. 

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