What is an Asset.Guru ID?

Explaining the Asset.Guru ID 

Why do we create a Uniquely Generated Identification Code on each asset?

Asset.Guru is built from the ground up with Audit and your auditors in mind, each time an asset is created in Asset.Guru we intelligently create a unique alpha numeric tracking code, we call this the Asset.Guru ID. This is unique to your asset, no other Asset.Guru customer in the world will have the same Asset.Guru ID on any of their assets! 

The benefits are:

1. Uniqueness: there's no one like you as a company, and no asset like that one, so lets tag it uniquely so it can be properly tracked

2. Remove confusion and mixups: Communicating about a car, a chair or even a machine can be confusing if you have lots of them. The impact on someone not telling the Finance teams the correct asset to dispose or sell can be disastrous, and so the Asset.Guru ID provides a unique way to ensure you're all talking about the same asset. In the old days finance teams called assets FA-001 for Fixed Asset 1, hardly  unique and super confusing if someone else in the same team creates another asset called FA-001. If you've got multiple entities all with assets, the problem gets even worse tracking, tracing, and conversing about assets needs a unique identifier - welcome to the Asset.Guru iD !

3. An Auditors dream: Unfortunately asset theft, misidentification and even careless misplacement is a reality within many businesses world wide. The Asset.Guru ID helps to ensure that information remains kept in place and mapped to the asset, with the same Asset.Guru ID to allow an auditor to check on the same asset during a future audit. This feature in addition to the full audit history at the bottom of the Focus View of each individual asset (the audit history can be downloaded to spreadsheet by auditors too)

Can I change the Asset.Guru ID?

There are so many places to put your own ID, but changing this one would be a mistake and make it easy to replicate, or mix up. If you are talking with our friendly support team it remains the only way for us to ensure we're talking about the right asset, as its unique to you across all our customers worldwide.

Can I personalise Asset.Guru with my own ID, barcode, serial number, tag number ,,,,,

YES ! Absolutely! 

There are multiple spots to put your own touch on Asset.Guru.... 

  • your own ID / tracking code
  • Printed your own barcodes?  -> there's a barcode field on each asset Focus View page (the individual asset page)
  • Car Registration number: try any of the 3 description fields (Asset Name, short and long description) on each asset Focus View page (the individual asset page) 
  • Serial number --> there's a serial number field on each asset Focus View page (the individual asset page) 
  • QR Code (pop this in the Barcode field)

Still stuck ? Some unique number that's important? 

The iBeacon field will become a custom field in the future ...and is fully searchable from the main asset register search function. Feel free to pop your code/number/ID in the iBeacon field

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