Depreciation for NetSuite? This is how Asset.Guru will help

If you're using an ERP, then just like all of our customers, Asset.Guru will become the single source of Asset related truth for your organization.

This wholistic value includes:

1.Asset Tracking (non-depreciating assets)
2.Asset Depreciation settings
3.Depreciation calculation and reporting
4. Disposal of Assets
5. Sales of assets (Calculating the gain or loss on sale)
6. Revaluing assets
7. Who has what* (Assets that are checked out to people, including a checked out assets report) *not available in lower pricing plans eg not included in Starter Edition
If you're using our maintenance module, this could also include:
1. Tasks that need to be done
2. Preventative maintenance lists
3. Reminders about upcoming items Registrations, Car Fuel card renewals, 
4. A list of who is doing what for your organization (Task Assignment to people)
At present, whilst we wait for a direct integration, there are multiple reports that can be run to calculate then load your depreciation calculations into Asset.Guru. Chat to us ( sales @ asset . guru ) so we can tell you more!

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