Asset Type configuration when linked to spreadsheet or not linked

  1. Navigate to the Admin page by clicking the cogwheel icon
  2. Expand the Set up your asset types section 
  3. Click Add a New Asset Type

  1. Enter the name of the asset type in the description field
  2. Set a default depreciation schedule for the asset type (recommended).  If you don't wish to set do so, simply leave the settings as they are with the selections set to None.
  • Keep in mind the default method and term/rate can always be changed on an asset-by-asset basis.
  • Entering default depreciation schedules saves time if consistently using the same method and term/rate for an Asset Type.

  1. Click Confirm
  2. Repeat for all Asset Types

To Edit the Asset Type, simply click on the Edit button to be able to change the Description Depreciation Type and Term/Rate.

  • Asset Types cannot be deleted if they are already assigned to an asset.
  • If changing the description, this changes the description for all existing assets that are assigned to that Asset Type.

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