Setting up Divisions in Asset.Guru

Enterprise Edition users have the ability to add an additional layer of reporting called Divisions. 

Assets still need to be tagged (or grouped) together by assigning each asset to an Asset Type (i.e. An Asset Class), however the individual asset can also then be added to a division on creation, or during the bulk asset upload process. Divisions does not group your automated journal posts, it is a reporting feature.  The Depreciation Report PDF will group the asset depreciation together to show you the totals under each division.

The Free trial of Asset.Guru is a Starter Edition. To see what Enterprise Edition looks like please ask us to upgrade your trial to Enterprise by emailing

There are two simple ways to set up Divisions:

1. Individually via the Asset Focus View. Click "Create New Asset" and then you will see a Division drop down box - you can create a new division there. Remember: The best practice is to minimise the number of divisions that you create to avoid confusion and duplication... there is no technical limit to how many divisions you can create.

2. Creating Divisions via the Administration tab: For Enterprise Edition users, a tab will be visible called "Divisions". This is a great place to administer your divisions. We recommend creating your division structure all at once to ensure the set up is correct for your needs.

What to do if you make a mistake:

1. If you make a spelling mistake on the division name, navigate to the Administration Section, then the Division Tab and simply double click the incorrect name to edit the field, make any change you need then press the enter key (to save the change).

2. If you want to delete the division name (group) altogether, then you can navigate to the Administration Section, Division Tab and press delete.

Please note deleting a division will not delete the assets within that division. You cannot delete a division via the Focus View, only via the Administration Section.

Changing an asset's Division can be done individually in the focus view, or it can be done in bulk by selecting the tick boxes on a list view and then choosing the "Edit Selected Assets" button to change all at one time.

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