How to bulk upload assets to the register

You can bulk upload your assets in 3 easy steps. Before we start the import process you will need to do some prep work.

  • Download the latest Bulk Asset Upload Template and enter your asset details in the spreadsheet. The country, currency and date formats have to match what is given in the template.

Important: Before you start ....All data uploads can be tricky. When you download the template it will open in Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets (or your chosen spreadsheet package)

Tip 1:When saving the template - it should be saved in CSV format. This is when we find out that you've used a formula!! :-) 

Tip 2: To support our worldwide customer base the date format required for the spreadsheet is very specific (dd mmm yyyy).  Edit the Date Columns with the following date format DD MM YYYY to get the upload to work. Please do not use the default format of dd/mm/yyyy

Once your CSV file is ready:

Navigate to the Asset Register from the left hand menu

Then Click Bulk Asset Upload

Follow these 3 steps to complete your bulk import:

Step 1: Upload your file by either clicking on the text area or by dragging and dropping your file into the screen

Step 2: Review your upload (remember you can edit any mistakes on the screen! YAY! )

Step 3: Click Finish Import

GREAT WORK !  Thumbs up, you have completed your bulk asset upload. Go back to the Draft Asset Register section and all your assets will be listed there ready for final review and activation.

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