Additional bulk asset upload tips

Here are some key tips when doing a bulk upload:

  • Don't modify or edit the column names of the .csv template

  • The only mandatory fields for a depreciating asset are Asset Name, Purchase Price, Purchase Date, Asset Type and Country. If you have already started to depreciate your assets, make sure to enter the Current Value and Current Value Date. 

  • The additional fields are for asset operational/tracking data like: Vendor Name, Warranty Expiry Dates, Barcodes, etc.

  • Filling in the Depreciation Term and Rate columns is needed only if you have specific depreciation treatment for every asset. Remember, the defaults that have been set when configuring your Asset Types can save you time in the spreadsheet.
    • NB if all your rates or terms are the same values as your asset type defaults, you dont even need to fill in the column values in the template!
    • Yes, if you have unique deprecaition treatment for every asset, then please add those values into EITHER:
      • Term (for Reducing Balance/Diminishing Value) OR
      • Rate for Straight Line/Prime Cost Calcualtions

Dont forget: If you are uploading specific term or rate for an asset, only fill in Term or Rate, not both.  

      • For Straight Line Depreciation, fill in the Depreciation Term column with the number of years for depreciation. Example: 18 month term, enter 1.5
      • For Reducing Balance or Diminishing Value Depreciation, fill in the Depreciation Rate column with the rate that you would like.  Example: 20%, simply enter 20 (not .20)  

Please let us know if any questions as we're here to help and realise getting your assets uploaded is the big step to get that register singing :)

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