How to set up your asset types

  1. Navigate to the Admin page by clicking the cogwheel icon
  2. Expand the Set up your asset types section
  3. Click Add a New Asset Type
  4. Enter the name of the asset type in the description field
    N.B. If you are using Asset.Guru for depreciation, continue to step 5 otherwise, skip ahead to step 7
  5. Set a default depreciation schedule for the asset type (recommended).  If you don't wish to set do so, simply leave the settings as they are with the selections set to None.
  6. Map your asset types if the account is connected to Xero or QuickBooks Online by selecting the assetdepreciation and accumulated depreciation account from the dropdown menus provided.Hint #1: If you can't find any of these accounts in a drop down menu, simply untick the Filter Accounts check box and try again

    Hint #2: If you're not connected to QBO or XRO, then it isn't necessary to map your Asset Types and the Fixed Asset Account, Depreciation Account and Acc Dep. Acct fields won't be visible.  

  7. Click Confirm
  8. Repeat for all asset types

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