Bulk Asset Upload Template Guide

By far, the simplest way to add multiple assets is by using the Bulk Asset Upload template. Here are some tips to help you be a guru in no time : )

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Create your Asset Types before doing the Bulk Upload as it's a required column in the upload template for depreciating assets.
  • For Tracking Only assets (no depreciation), use an Asset Type with "None" as the depreciation method.
  • All assets at a minimum must have the following columns filled: Name, Two Letter Country Code, Asset Type, Purchase Price and Purchase Date.
  • Use the format of date fields as follows DD MMM YYYY (ex: 30 JUN 2020)
  • The template is a .csv template and needs to stay in this format. The columns and column headers need to remain the same as well.  
When opening the template, you'll find four example test assets preloaded to guide how to load certain asset treatments. Let's take a closer look at each of these:
Sample test assets are included in the Upload Template:
  • Test Asset 1 is using the Straight Line depreciation method and therefore the Depreciation Term is used, not the rate.
  • Test Asset 2 is using Reducing Balance method and therefore the Depreciation Rate is used, not the term.
  • Test Asset 3 is an asset that is wanted to be tracked but isn't depreciating.
  • Test Asset 4 is a brand new asset without a written down value (NBV).
Notes specifically for Depreciating Assets:
  • If the Depreciation Start Date field is left empty, then by default this will be the Purchase Date.
  • If there is a Current Written Down Value and Current Written Down Value Date and the Depreciation Start Date is blank, it will default to the day following the Current Written Down Value Date.
  • If the Depreciation Term and Depreciation Rate columns are left blank, then they will use the default Depreciation Method for the Asset Type assigned.
  • If the Depreciation Term column is used, this defaults the method to Straight Line and the Term is the number of years.
  • If the Depreciation Rate column is used, this defaults the method to Reducing Balance with the percentage being entered (20% would be entered as 20).

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