How Asset Guru creates Draft assets from a QuickBooks Bill or Expense

QuickBooks Online and Asset.Guru work together!

After go-live, rather than uploading assets, Asset.Guru can listen for bills or expenses added into QBO as Fixed Assets and import them automatically as draft assets. Its your choice then to keep the draft asset or delete the draft asset. As the process is automatic, the automation only runs once to avoid duplicate fixed asset entries being picked up.

Here is an article to show how to enable this integration:  

This article is to help you understand what how Asset.Guru processes these QuickBooks Online bills to create Draft assets. 

Key Points:

  • Asset.Guru is looking for a line in the bill Category section that relates to a Fixed Asset Chart of account type.  
  • The Description becomes the Name of the asset.
  • The line Amount becomes the asset's Purchase Price.
  • The bill Supplier becomes the asset's Vendor.

Important: Asset.Guru does not process lines in the QBO bill Item section. 

Important: Don't forget to opt in to this feature in the Admin settings page.

As a reminder, here's what the a QuickBooks Bill looks like. The image below shows the two sections, category details and item details. Only asset information entered into the category section will be automatically imported to Asset.Guru, and only if the Category chosen is a fixed asset chart of account.

What does the result look like in Asset.Guru ?

After a few minutes, as long as your settings are correct, Asset.Guru will do the work for you by creating an Asset.Guru Draft asset (found in the asset register, and then in the Draft Asset view of the asset register):

The added bonus is that a new button will appear in the Asset.Guru focus view of the asset that was imported, allowing you to navigate back to QuicKBooks Online. To do this, click " Open parent bill in quickbooks".

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