How to activate Draft assets

Draft assets can be activated one by one, or in bulk.

Best practice is to review the Draft assets before activation to ensure all asset details are correct.

Steps to activate your draft assets:

  1. Navigate to the Asset Register using the navigation menu
  2. Select Draft Assets from the asset register dropdown menu
  3. Click the tick box next to the Asset ID heading to activate all assets in bulk showing on the screen. Alternatively, select only the tick box next to the assets that you would like to activate

  1. Click the Activate Selected Assets button

Note: if the activate selected assets button isn't green, or clickable, then it means you are missing some key information.

In most cases this is when an asset hasn't been assigned an Asset Type.

Make sure each asset, even your track only assets, have been assigned to an Asset Type.

  1. Click Confirm. You're all set!

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