Getting Started Guide (Track Only)

Let the Asset.Guru journey begin!

Many organisations leverage the largest feature of Asset.Guru to purely keep track of their assets with no need to go into the financial details and functions.  Asset.Guru welcomes you with open arms!  

Here is a guide to fast track your setup of Asset.Guru to bypass the financial functions in 2 simple steps.

Step 1)  Account Settings

Firstly, create some Asset Types to make it easy understand your asset register. Asset Types are categories that you can set up in Asset.Guru to logically group like assets together.  

Step 2)  Asset entry

There are two ways to initially get assets into Asset.Guru with the fastest way being dependent on how many assets you’re initially importing.   
If you only have a handful, then Single Asset Entry is the recommended and most straight forward way of entering your assets.
OR If you have a lot more assets, then Bulk Asset Entry is the way to go!     #Winning

How to enter Track Only assets

Asset.Guru has an inbuilt asset approval process. This is enabled by first entering assets as Draft Assets that can be reviewed before activating to the Asset Register. Ready to go to the next step? 

Hot Tip!
The best way to get the most out of Asset.Guru is to share the love!  Each subscription of Asset.Guru com comes with multiple user licenses.  They can easily be assigned with appropriate permission levels.
Who maintains your assets?  Where are these records kept?  Do your assets have service schedules?  
The Asset.Guru Maintenance Module is a great solution to see the maintenance history, tasks that need to be done or allocate tasks to other team members.  Contact us for more information! 

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