How to enter historic (owned) assets

Import your existing assets (historically purchased assets) into Asset.Guru couldn't be easier.

If your existing assets are still depreciating we will need some key information ready for your upload:

If you wish Asset.Guru to calculate depreciation only from 01 Jan 2020 onwards for any historical assets. please give the following information:

  • Purchase date: the date of purchase
  • Purchase price: the purchase price
  • Current Written Down Value: The depreciated value as of the end of December 2019 (31 Dec 2019)
  • Current Written Down value Date: 31 Dec 2019
  • Depreciation Start Date: 01 Jan 2020

Asset Guru will start calculating from January 01, 2020

Outcome: In this example the settings you have chosen above will direct Asset.Guru to ignore the period between the Purchase date and the end of December 2019. 

NB: Only depreciation from January 2020 onwards will be calculated. As we are already well past this date, a catch up journal will be posted,  for depreciation the period of January 2020 to the end of last month.  Depreciation for this month will be posted at the end of this month.

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