When does Asset.Guru post journals ?

Asset.Guru has been integrated to Intuit QuickBooks Online since 2015. Asset.Guru has been a Xero partner and been integrated with Xero since 2014.

The logic of how and why we post can be as simple as you need it to be, or there are ways to make it more complex for more unique scenarios.

The basics before you begin:

1. You must follow the integration process to link your QuickBooks Online account OR Xero account to Asset.Guru

2. You can only have one accounting integration at any one time. It's a 1:1 mapping process. 

  • Either one QuickBooks Online licence to one Asset.Guru License, or
  • One Xero file (license) to one Asset.Guru license

3. Got multiple QuickBooks Online or Xero licenses, no problem! We've supported that from day one. Each can connect to their own individual Asset.Guru license.

4. You must map your Asset Types in the Asset.Guru Admin settings so we know where to post the journals to.  

Journal Posting - when does it occur?

1. Asset.Guru will automatically post to QuickBooks Online (or Xero) at the end of the month every month.

2. For the first month assets have been added into Asset.Guru, you have the choice of either waiting until the end of the month, OR you can force journal posting early by pushing the red button in the administration settings - accounting rules. All the red button does is push journals into the prior month (if relevant).

NB: if you do nothing, your first journal will be/could be a catch up journal for any past periods. Once again depending on your journal posting start dates and your chosen settings.


Journal Posting Start date (in the Admin settings - accounting rules): NOTHING will journal until the end of the month of that this is set to.

Depreciation Start date (an asset by asset setting): NOTHING will journal and no depreciation will be calculated before this date for that individual asset

And remember, you don't need to have assets depreciate using Asset.Guru, tracking assets with no depreciation is 100% part of the same platform  : - )

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